Joshua Rice — Designer & Developer from Loveland, Colorado

UI/UX Design / Web/XR & Unity / Drone Racer / Bitcoin & Lightning

My Latest Projects

Street League Spec Drone Racing

An endeavor with a few fellow drone racers, the website explains the spec, as well as an  ecommerce store that sells items related to the league. We’re currently traveling and hosting events across the United States.

Flowstate Drone Racing Simulator

Currently developing a sequel to the open source UPBGE-based Flowstate simulator. The new version will contain an overhauled UI as well as completely new race features!

The Bitcoin Company

An amazing team of bitcoiners were assembled and created The Bitcoin Company. I helped develop the website and we kickstarted the project!

PVREA Interactive Microgrid UI

PVREA needed an on-site “at-a-glance” look at their microgrid setup and current state. This shows charging and discharging states from the battery, as well as switching during appropriate weather.

Red Feather Lakes

Microgrid status screen mockup, as well as a Augmented Reality version demo’ed in the Microsoft Hololens.

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